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Jul 30 Ellerslie Unit 8 Unscheduled Outage
Jul 22 SNG Maintenance Presentation 7-22-15

Capacity Constraints/FMJ
Jul 30 East Of Ellerslie Capacity Allocation Cancelled Effective 7/31/15
Jul 29 East Of Ellerslie Capacity Allocation

Other Critical
Aug 01 Type 3/4 OFO Probability
Aug 01 Type 3/4 OFO Probability

Non-Critical Notices
Aug 01 Daily Rec Pnt BTU Factor
Jul 31 Type 6 OFO Probability

Open Seasons (See Info Postings for all notices)
SNG Award of Firm Capacity in Open Season
SNG Award of FT in Open Season

Weather Forecast
Atlanta Aug 1: 93/70°F Partly Cloudy
Aug 2: 94/71°F Partly Cloudy
Birmingham Aug 1: 95/69°F Sunny
Aug 2: 94/68°F Sunny
Chattanooga Aug 1: 93/66°F Sunny
Aug 2: 93/65°F Sunny
Columbia Aug 1: 98/70°F Partly Cloudy
Aug 2: 96/71°F Partly Cloudy
Jackson Aug 1: 96/69°F Sunny
Aug 2: 97/71°F Partly Cloudy

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Locs At/Near Capacity
Current Gas Day
Tomorrow's Gas Day
Reduction locations for "ID 2 - Aug 1 - Final": R49, P46, R58
DISCLAIMER: The summary information contained in this graphical display is a sampling of points for informational purposes only. This display should not be relied on by shippers in making or confirming commercial transactions. For a listing of available capacity, please go to the capacity link under Informational Postings.

Scheduling Cycle Status (view the timeline)
The chart showing Series 1 series.

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