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Recent Notices (See Info Postings for all notices)
Apr 04 SOC Lifted - Location Specific PACK Condition (14713)
Apr 03 SOC Declaration - Loc Specific PACK (14708)

Apr 20 Preliminary Notice Of May 2015 Maintenance (14763)
Apr 17 Force Majeure Lifted - Puckett Compressor Station (14757)

Capacity Constraints/FMJ
Apr 17 Force Majeure Lifted - Puckett Compressor Station (14758)
Apr 08 Force Majeure Update#2 - Puckett Compressor Station (14722)

Other Critical
Apr 14 SOC Probability Change To Normal Pack Condition (14753)
Apr 14 SOC Warning Cancelled - Pack Condition (14752)

Non-Critical Notices
Apr 20 Receipt Location Performance Update (14762)
Apr 20 Receipt Location Performance (14761)

Open Seasons (See Info Postings for all notices)
No data to display

Weather Forecast (data from weather.gov)
Albuquerque Apr 21: 78/44°F Partly Sunny
Apr 22: 80/42°F Mostly Sunny
El Paso Apr 21: 81/58°F Mostly Sunny
Apr 22: 80/58°F Mostly Sunny
Houston Apr 21: 79/67°F Mostly Cloudy
Apr 22: 83/70°F Chance Thunderstorms
Las Vegas Apr 21: 86/63°F Partly Sunny
Apr 22: 80/61°F Mostly Cloudy
Los Angeles Apr 21: 68/56°F Decreasing Clouds
Apr 22: 68/56°F Mostly Cloudy

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DISCLAIMER: The summary information contained in this graphical display is a sampling of points for informational purposes only. This display should not be relied on by shippers in making or confirming commercial transactions. For a listing of available capacity, please go to the capacity link under Informational Postings.

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The chart showing Series 1 series.

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